Privacy Policy

Cookies and Web Beacons

Because the policy on storing cookies involves importing them in terms of individual subtleties when you visit our website. We do not simply share your cookies with outsiders.

We also have advertising companies on, our subdomain and registrations. Where some advertisers may use your cookies and web beacons to advertise on our website. Google and its geographies can leverage subtleties through the Google AdSense program. We also have a variety of advertisers on our site that use technology data to provide better advertising to guests.

Data includes IP address, guest ISP, the program you used to visit our website and sometimes whether you introduced Streak.


We take physical note of your comment as indicated by importance and reference to internal specialists for publication

Inserted content from various websites

Articles, news, content and various media may contain data references from various websites and sources. Likewise, we may use cookies and data in implants from different websites

How long we store your data

We may store cookies and data for better web insight and advertising. We can include it as a visitor of a website with a lot of time and save information about the lifetime of the record for better insight and recommendation for the next visit.